Glitter and Condoms, 8.5"x 11", Photoshop

Glitter and Condoms Original Spread, 8.5"x 11", Photoshop

Glitter and Condoms Sketches, Photoshop

Another Illustration for Belle SF Magazine. The piece was written by Madison Young about her trip on the Bart, a Bay Area subway system, as a Queer Feminist Porn Director. I originally thought that this might be a spread so I drew a few options in a landscape format, however, with the Art Director, we decided to go with B and condense it into one page. I'm sure she's gotten all types of questions carrying various paraphernalia onto public transportation.

Updated with my current work, I developed the lighting further. Bringing the light sources out, it soaks onto the characters more heavily. The shadows become deeper and the warm bounce lights rise from the bottom. Madison, the focal character in the illustration, is popped out with a darker background and more painting care is put into the toys. A normal day for Madison is an imaginary subway ride for the passengers.
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