My name is Timothy Tang. I am an illustrator / concept artist working in the Bay Area. Please e-mail me for commissions and illustration work. Thank you.

My style can be described as urban, edgy, or odd and rooted in mixed media cartoon-style illustrations, influenced by modern day concept art. Some of the subjects that I am interested in illustrating include monsters, fantasy, current events, storybook, adult themes, fan art characters, sports and music.

When designing my compositions, the work is often driven by characters and creatures as the main focus. I develop much of the work with Art Directors and Creative Leads to efficiently create informative and communicative concept designs and illustrations. This collaborative process goes through ideation, iteration and finalization steps. I have the best experiences with my clients when develop a creative dialogue and are just super excited about the content of the job.


After developing a commercial artistic skill set from San Jose State University, CA, I  began my career as a marketing artist and illustrator, alternating graphic design and concept art professions around the Bay Area. While working in a studio environment, I have created illustrations for clients in a variety of industries including magazines, musicians, book publishers, event promoters and personal commissions.

During my off time I love watching/playing basketball and following the hip hop culture musically along with its other elements. I am also a competitive gamer, often FPS style but occasionally I love being immersed in the worlds of Role Playing Games. I am a huge fan of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest and I often stream “Let’s Play” runs while I work. I would like more time to read so when I do I enjoy independent graphic novels, classics and sci-fi/fantasy. Ray Bradbury is probably my favorite author.


I’ve learned the most from other artists. The following list is are just a few of my influences: James Jean, Greg Simkins, Barron Storey and artist lineage, Jonathan Wayshak, David Choe, Saber MSK, Ewok 5mh, Norman Rockwell, Howard Pyle and artist lineage, Nathan Fowkes, Hans Bacher, Syd Mead, Joe Murray, Todd McFarlane, Tyler Edlin, Akira Toriyama, Jim Mahfood, Paul Felix, Henri Cartier Bresson, Takashi Murakami, Shaun Tan, Kent Williams, Will Eisner, Carter Goodrich and Peter De Seve.