Cafe Guernica, 17"x 4.5", Mixed Medium x Photoshop

Cafe Guernica Traditional, 17"x 4.5", Ink, Watercolor and Gesso

Cafe Guernica Process, 17"x 4.5", Blue Pencil and Ink

Cafe Guernica is one of the first editorial illustrations I've done for Belle SF Magazine. It was a great experience because I was still finding my personality as an illustrator and this piece ultimately lead to the style that I have today. I remember I replied to a Craigslist ad and the Art Director needed the work in 3 hours. The article was about how Bitcoin is becoming a lucrative form of currency. I drew a few sketches very quickly and sent and replied to emails within the given time frame. Got the work approved and it's been a pleasure to work with Belle SF ever since.

I've redone the original to fit more stylistically into my body of work. With development, I was able to orchestrate the picture to have more interest and eye movement, losing edges, yellow/gold accents, and hue shifts along reds and browns. I also added a small sense of lighting with some bounce light and slightly deeper shadows.
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