Circus Atomica, 6"x 9", Photoshop

Circus Atomica is about a Circus that visits a small town where a group of children find excitement and thrill in the show. However, they stumble upon an insidious plot where the Conductor plans to block out the sun. This soon turns into a divide between the townspeople and the Circus Show's new followers.

Circus Atomica Drawings, 6"x 9", Ballpoint Pen & Photoshop

Circus Atomica Color Comps, 6"x 9", Photoshop

Circus Atomica Vectors, 6"x 9", Photoshop

Much of the drawing was busy work as I went for a steampunk appeal of the world. Lots of gears and pipes were drawn into the environment. Upon gathering reference photos, I composited them into one image and drew them separately.

I had a red color composition in mind before I created the image and ran a few other color schemes for exploration.  I tried a green color to convey a  poisonous feel or a blue to show melancholy or sadness but red just created a thrilling atmosphere. It reminds me of red light in a dramatic theater setting. The Conductor orchestrates his acts and acrobats, dancers, and animals glide around the arena. 

Vector art was created to help with the gear process. Drawing them by eye would've been tedious but irrelevant as the details were eventually lost in itself.
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