Eye of the Meower, 13.75"x 21", Mixed Media on WC Paper x Photoshop

When I get a chance, I start painting traditional and finish digitally. In this case I had to give a better sense of light as well as tie the colors together with some gradient maps and overlay adjustments. Painting traditionally takes time in regards to building up the layers of paint. I missed many little nooks and crannies of the painting and so I had to resolve much of it digitally.

Eye of the Meower, 13.75"x 21", Mixed Media (Watercolor, Acylic, Ink) on WC Paper

Eye of the Meower Sketches, Blue Pencil and Pen on Sketchbook

Every year, my friends and I do a Secret Santa event. The theme this year was "your person" on shrooms while playing Dungeons and Dragons. Super fun idea! Whenever I do these, I think about what the person is into and my friend, Jose, is a big cat person. So my solution was a Jose as a Warrior fighting a giant Cat Beholder Monster, RPG Style! I painted on heavyweight WC Paper instead of my usual Rives so I had a bit of a learning curve with the WC paper not as absorbent. I would have loved some of the transparent washes to show through. The Health Menu is a little ode to Earthbound just for the RPG fans.
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