Flight, 9"x 6", Photoshop x Illustrator

Flight, 9"x 6", Photoshop

I found some time to work on some new illustration projects which is a set of book covers. This piece is loosely based on stories by Gary Soto which are about "Coming of Age" tales, growing up in Central California. The story is about about a boy and his aspirations of flight and takes sanctuary in his tree house made of a crop duster plane and some make shift planks and sheets.

Flight Sketches, Photoshop

My process of sketching and developing this illustration was a fluid one. Quite a few things have changed from my original ideas. I removed the little brother character to simply the cover into 3 elements: character, tree, and tree house. I enjoyed the magical quality of the blue schemes but the yellow sunlight conveyed the summer mood more accurately. 
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