Indestructable Energy, Moleskine Large, Ballpoint Pen

St. Paul Enduring, Moleskine Large, Ballpoint Pen

I was going to a Bible Study group for a little bit and this was about one of the readings. I wish I had written down the verse so I will be paraphrasing here. If I remember correctly, St. Paul was spreading the word of god. But during his travels he was growing impatient as his followers were losing faith. Impatient, he had constantly had to fight against the loss of his temper. Many biblical lessons depict followers in this position and this reading reminds us to endure.

Starbucks 1, Moleskine Large, Ballpoint Pen

Starbucks 2 and Sonny Dispo Sketches, Moleskine Large, Ballpoint Pen

Starbucks 3, Moleskine Large, Ballpoint Pen

It's the artist thing to do... Cafe Sketching. One of my favorite activities if I'm just trying to get a drawing or two in. Starbucks is everywhere and always has a variety of customers. I drew a few sketches of a comic strip I'm brainstorming called Sonny Dispo. He might be a Dingo, he might be a cat dog hybrid but more importantly, he travels the world commentating on worldly issues.
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