Locke, 6"x 9", Photoshop

Locke WIP, 6"x 9", Photoshop

I worked on another Book Cover Illustration. This was a story about a Locksmith that acquires a magical key. He goes on adventures slaying fantastic and magical beasts after unlocking portals to these realms. I created a first version and took it to the final but just felt unsatisfied with the outcome. After much rendering and redrawing I felt that I just had to start from scratch, realizing that you cannot fix an image when the drawing itself does not work.

Locke V1 Color Comps, Photoshop

Locke V2 Color Comps, Photoshop

The Color Comprehensives process was a bit of work. I common mistake I make is believing that I can fix an image with color. The drawing always has to be solid before the color can take it to the next level. The first version of the comprehensives were these attempts. The second version ran a lot smoother because I was already satisfied with how the drawing was working. I liked the blue and orange complementary scheme but felt that the saturation was too distracting. The color scheme I chose was simple and focus on the key.

Locke V1 Value Studies, Photoshop

Locke Thumbnails, Photoshop

The sketches were fun to create. I liked a lot of these ideas and in the end developing these drawings helped the development the most as I solved most of the basic problems in this phase.
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