Red Rider, 6"x 9", Photoshop

Red Rider Drawing, 6"x 9", Photoshop

I did a take on Little Red Riding Hood. The main focus was based on the moment when Little Red observes her grandmother's new large eyes, teeth, and big ears. Placing emphasis on the horrifying set of teeth, Little Red is engulfed in her naivety. I really wanted her to come off dorky as if it didn't phase her. I imagined a Looney Tunes type of moment that proceeded with gags of the wolf being nonchalantly hurt by this innocent little girl as she helps her unsuspecting grandmother with house chores.

Red Rider Color Comps, Photoshop

Red Rider Value Sketches, Photoshop

Doing these value and color studies, my intention was to silhouette the Wolf and bring out the viscous set of teeth. The color comps that worked for me were the blue grays and the oranges.  However, the cooler schemes were too calming. I simply went with the red orange/green color scheme because I liked the intensity it created, and thought that it contrasted with the silly facial expression of Little Red.

Red Rider Character Designs, Photoshop

Red Rider Thumbnails, Photoshop

Brainstorming ideas, I aimed for a composition that wasn't center heavy and that the Wolf and Little Red would have a clear personality showing through. The silly little girl interacting with the malicious monster. I also felt trees were easier to manipulate into a simple graphic than an interior environment. Doing so would allow the characters to stand out more from the background. I chose an option where the Wolf's facial features are emphasized as Little Red notices them in the original story.
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