Trumped, 12.25"x22", Mixed Media
Trumped Sketch, Digital
This piece was done for Brev Spread Magazine. I don't usually get too political but there was just so much news about Donald Trump over the recent months. This was about him spewing patriotic lies and rhetoric while vomiting from overexertion. The swastikas in the sketch were in response to the Nazi comparisons of Steve Bannon and Richard Spencer at the time.
Trumped Process, 12.25" x 22", Mixed Media
First note: sorry about the camera qualities, colors are inaccurate. I started this piece with a lose pencil sketch, followed by some inked lines and color washes. In retrospect, the second image is very reminiscent of Ralph Steadman or Ronald Searle. I was hoping to keep some this within the background but it got lost in the layers. 

I changed the vomit shape to something more forceful midway and just felt the red, white, blue stripes weren't vomit-like. I often refered to Barron Storey and Kent Williams with how they orchestrate "busy noise" and abstract areas in their pieces. I added extra elements (a Dakota Access Pipeline reference and some nukes). I painted them gold because when life hands you lemons, you paint that shit gold.
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